Parsley is one of the most known species of fine herbs especially in Europe and especially in Arab countries. The whole plant is strongly aromatic. It is rich in vitamin A and C.To optimize sowing and emergence, we also offer multi-coated and pre-germinated seeds.
You will necessarily find the variety of parsley you need as the Voltz Vertical Farming range covers each type (flat, curly or moss) and each market segment (fresh, pots and industry) for the indoor production.

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Parsley Darki | Graines Voltz - Vertical Farming



Darki is a "moss-curled" selection of parsley, easy to harvest because of extremely upright leaves.
This compact variety will fit very well indoor.
Parsley Laica | Graines Voltz - Vertical Farming



Laica is our "Gigante d'Italia" flat parsley indoor selection with large leaves and fast growth. It has a good regeneration capacity and performs great in all vertical farming conditions. And it tastes great !
Parsley Lion (Hi 15 312) | Graines Voltz - Vertical Farming


LION (HI 15 312)

Lion is our newest «Gigante d’Italia» variety: it's an ideal combination of large leaves with compact, very stable and upright stems. This is the right flat parsley for Indoor. Leaves color are intense dark green. High resistance against downy mildew. Lion is a perfect combination between yield and shelf life.
Parsley Starlett | Graines Voltz - Vertical Farming



Starlett is a "moss-curled" selection with a short cycle and a good post harvest conservation. Starlett is suitable both for cut or processing. It is extremely homogeneous, which makes it very easy to handle while grown indoor.
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