Our categories for Vertical Farming production


We selected for you the best of the most grown herbs in Vertical Farming: basil, coriander, chives, parsley, dill and many others. As an aromatic breeder, these varieties are our strength and we strive to develop characteristics for optimal growth in your conditions. We focus on yield and speed to allow you to do as many cycles as possible. We also take care about size of the plant, vigour and of course taste.

Leafy Greens

We include in this category all type, of leafy greens except lettuces. It can go from rocket salads, corn salad, sorrel, kales, cress, chards and other speciality leafy greens. We are constantly widening our range, so if you have a specific need don't hesitate to approach our sales team.


Thoroughly selected to offer you the cleanest, most diverse choice of variety and highest quality of seeds, our migrogreens seeds will cater for your needs. Fast growing, low production cost and easy growing conditions, microgreens are one of the indoor grower's favourite crop. Considered as a nutrient bomb, they are loved for their special and intense flavours but also their pretty colours.

Why choose us for your microgreens? Because our assortment is entirely tested against human pathogens, so be safe and choose our microgreens seeds.

Browse through our microgreens assortment, and get in touch with the sales rep from your region to set up an order.

Cosmetics & Edible Flowers

We collaborate with the best breeders worldwide to supply you with the best flower’s genetics. Our seeds are the highest quality, and all our varieties have been validated indoor to provide you with plants perfectly adapted to your farm.
When you hear edible flowers, you think flavor, color and beauty, and that exactly what you will get, so come enjoy our edible flowers assortment, diverse with a variety of species for a change, different colors are offered and mixes are available. From cosmos, to violas, begonias all the way to calendulas, try these flowers and diversify your product menu.
When it comes to cosmetic species, our specific genetics are compact, with a quick growth and produce a large amount of biomass and flowers, giving you the best return on investment for your business.

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