Dill belongs to the Apiaceae family, like carrots, fennel or parsley for example. It’s an erected crop, with finely divided green leaves. Originated from the Mediterranean region, dill’s leaves have a strong fragrance, close to fennel (its name in Latin means “strong smell”).
Dill is widely used in Europe, Asia and Middle East to flavour dishes such as salads, fresh cheeses, sauces, fish (salmon for example).The Voltz Vertical Farming team has been working to offer you the best dill varieties for Vertical Farming: upright and compact port, yield potential, resistance to bolting, altogether with the best taste and colour!

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Dill Lena | Graines Voltz - Vertical Farming



Lena is our most compact dill variety for indoor growers. Due to its very short size, it will fit perfectly in vertical farms, and is quite adapted if you want to commercialize whole plants. It’s also a very good variety for cut production, providing compact leaves that fit well in trays. Lena has a straight port, and a dark green colour. Your clients will love it: the leaves are very fragrant with a strong taste.
Dill Thalia | Graines Voltz - Vertical Farming



Thalia is a robust and homogeneous dill variety. We selected it for Indoor because it meets all criteria : high yield, resistance to bolting when temperature rises and nice dark green color.
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