Coriander, also known as Cilantro in some countries, is a southern Europe/Southwest Asia origin fresh herb commonly used accross several cuisines (such as Thai, Chinese, Latin American, Indian…) to flavor dishes with a distinctive tart lemon/lime taste.
Coriander is easy to grow and can be harvested for processing or fresh consumption. It is an important crop focus for the Graines Voltz breeders: we look into traits related to bolting resistance, growing speed and productivity, leaves architecture and flavor specifically adapted for your indoor production.

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Coriander Atlas® | Graines Voltz - Vertical Farming



Atlas is a robust and productive variety of coriander, resistant to tip burn. It shows late bolting traits and performs well in the warm climate of vertical farms.

Atlas has a large leaf count, providing good yield and stable production. Leaves are dark green with a smooth texture, which reduces sticking of leaves one to another: very easy to handle while harvesting. Intermediar resistance against Pseudomonas. Atlas grows taller than Shanghai, it is a strong variety suitable for fresh bunching or processing industry.
Coriander Shanghai | Graines Voltz - Vertical Farming



Thanks to its fast growing pattern, Shanghai offers high potential yield for all indoor cultivation systems. Its upright and compact port makes it perfectly adapted for vertical farming and mecanisation (such as transplanting).
As the plant is very compact with good resistance to bolting it offers good shelf-life after production. Strong root system makes it perform well in hydroponic cultivation. The dark green leaves are relatively small with a good taste.
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