Coriander, also known as Cilantro in some countries, is a southern Europe/Southwest Asia origin fresh herb commonly used accross several cuisines (such as Thai, Chinese, Latin American, Indian…) to flavor dishes with a distinctive tart lemon/lime taste.
Coriander is easy to grow and can be harvested for processing or fresh consumption. It is an important crop focus for the Graines Voltz breeders: we look into traits related to bolting resistance, growing speed and productivity, leaves architecture and flavor specifically adapted for your indoor production.

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Coriander Atlas® | Graines Voltz - Vertical Farming



Atlas is a robust and productive variety of coriander, resistant to tip burn. It shows late bolting traits and performs well in the warm climate of vertical farms.

Atlas has a large leaf count, providing good yield and stable production. Leaves are dark green with a smooth texture, which reduces sticking of leaves one to another: very easy to handle while harvesting. Intermediar resistance against Pseudomonas. Atlas grows taller than Shanghai, it is a strong variety suitable for fresh bunching or processing industry.
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