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Thai basil is traditionally used in the Thailand and Asian countries cuisine. The plant has green leaves and purple stems which makes it remarkable. If you want to diversify your basil range, or to surprise your customers, Sita is the variety to choose!

With an aromatic taste and a wonderful exotic fragrance (anise, cinnamon and camphor), your clients will love it. This variety has been tested and validated for indoor production: the plant is compact (30 cm) and likes warm climate, so it will grow perfectly in your vertical farm or greenhouse.


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Gustosa is our selection of compact basil for indoor production in pot. Very uniform variety, with a deep dark green colour. Gustosa is a typical Genovese type, with dome-shaped leaves. Gustosa has a high intensity in odour and taste, with an extra spicy note.
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The queen of fresh herbs, Lucia is our most compact genovese basil. With beautiful flavourful spoon shaped leaves typical to the genovese type, this variety has proven itself to be very versatile, adapted to all indoor growing conditions.

Lucia germinates very well, and shows a good performance after transplanting, being quite strong. Characterised by a mix between large leaves and small leaves, indoor producers find this trait to be a good asset for the end product. The shelf life of this basil has proven itself to be remarkable, exceeding the 6-9 days.
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