Rocket comprises 2 main species: Diplotaxis tenuifolia, wild rocket type, and Eruca sativa, also called cultivated rocket. These two varieties belong to the Brassicaceae family, widely used in horticulture and farming. Wild and cultivated rocket have similar characteristics. Wild rocket leaves are very indented, and slightly spicier than the leaves of cultivated rocket. These are larger and longer, and have a milder taste. It is also a bit quicker to grow. But in both cases, this is an easy and very quick crop. Young leaves can be harvested to prepare salads, pestos and sauces, or can be used as a garnish for pizzas for example…Rocket is rich in vitamin C and minerals, and is very good for your health. The VOLTZ Vertical Farming selection of wild and cultivated rockets offers you quick and compact varieties, with attractive and tasty leaves, resistant to bolting for your indoor production.

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Rocket Salad Montana | Graines Voltz - Vertical Farming



Montana is a our selection of wild rocket for Indoor farming.
This variety has nice serrated leaves, dark green and broad, which gives it a good yield potential. It also shows a good tolerance to bolting when the temperature of your farm is high.
Rocket Salad Venetia | Graines Voltz - Vertical Farming



Venetia is a unique selection of rocket salad. It stands between wild and cultivated type: this variety tends to have the incised leaf shape of wild rocket, but the cycle of a cultivated one.
This variety is very quick to grow (20 days), with a pleasant spicy taste and crunchy leaves. Ideal to boost up your leafy greens mixes !
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